Chamada de Junípero

Glamour e dança encapsulada em perfume

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Chamada de Junípero

In the cold, crisp air of night, a trail blazes through the darkness. The light, bright scent of juniper, clean and fresh, brings an energy to Christmas reverie. An enthralling blend of decadence, cocktails and dancing until dawn that encapsulates the hedonism of the 1920s. Opulent and mischievous, it comes to life with the clink of dry martini glasses. This is a berry that was born with an unquenchable conviviality.

The juniper is a berry that likes to bring a touch of spice to everything it touches, with its most notable starring role being in the creation of gin in the 1800s (its name derived from the Dutch for juniper). The juniper’s ability to add something of a spring in the step was identified long before it turned up in gin, with the ancient Greeks consuming junipers in all their bright, peppery freshness to add a pep to their performance during the early days of the Olympic games. A gift the juniper can say, with a coy smile, that it entirely specialises in.

A perennial of the Roaring Twenties, Noel Coward once declared that ‘a perfect martini should be made by filling a glass with gin, then waving it in the general direction of Italy.’ Clean, crisp and clear, the juniper brings a clarity to this legendary cocktail. An elegance and glamour that speaks to us in volumes at Jo Malone London.

We have been unable to resist the temptation in emulating the power of its cool, green freshness in our Christmas creation, Midnight Musk & Amber. Revelling in the season of good will, Juniper dances with Mandarin, these citrussy cousins lead the charge through the sensuous Midnight Musk and gentle glow of Amber, to bring a light, lithe touch. Conjuring the spirit of alluring parties, wild and unforgettable. Juniper is the shooting star that roars through the night, decadent, entrancing and effervescent.

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